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上周杭州市区18个项目领出预售证 新增供应超4000套

房企纷纷入局抢占长租公寓市场 说明

广州家具类产品销售整体回暖 年底有望延续态势

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1.楼市“红五月”强势复苏 成交量创近六年新高
4.11月份京沪深房价止涨 三线城市楼市开始转暖
5.智能门行业火热 代理商进驻应仔细甄别


1. Over the next few years, large residential buildings will have to comply with Local Law 87, which requires them to audit energy usage and keep systems running at peak efficiency. Residential buildings are the city’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for 37 percent of the total. “The one hot-button topic is energy. How do buildings become more energy efficient?” said Dan Wurtzel, the president of FirstService Residential New York, which manages more than 500 properties. “If a third of your operating budget is related to energy and you can now reduce that cost, you can take pressure off the need for a maintenance increase.”
2. 新年已至,让我们在此总结一下石油市场形势。实际情况表明,2014年对石油市场来说非常重要——油价在短短六个月内下降了一半。
3. With an 8.5-percent increase in profits, industrial enterprises reversed the previous year's negative growth of 2.3 percent.
4. Traditionalists include George Clooney, whose awards – best picture for Argo and best supporting Actor for Syriana – are in his library at home, and Dustin Hoffman, whose two best actor awards – the first for Kramer vs. Kramer in 1980 and the second for Rain Man nine years later, are kept in his study.
5. 单词affection 联想记忆:
6. However, another 876 jobs being offered have not registered a single applicant as of Tuesday, according to Zhonggong. For instance, nobody has so far shown any interest in becoming a railway police officer in Shanghai and Xi'an.


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1、实木家具逆势增长 传统与现代相结合的家具备受推崇
2、新政下楼市降温 房产中介骚扰电话量暴增
3、新型城镇化带来行业发展新空间 建材上市公司七成预喜
4、房产中介行业迎来整顿风暴 哪些会脱颖而出?
5、王冬雷笑评雷士风波 战斗模式切回经营模式


      西西软件园 Alice Schwarzer, who has battled for women’s rights for years, is stunned that “an old-school sexist” like Donald J. Trump could win the United States presidency.
      The federal control board has requested a revised fiscal plan that has to be approved by end of January, saying that the one Garcia submitted last year was in part unrealistic and relied too heavily on federal funds. Garcia had refused to submit a revised plan to include austerity measures. Rossello has said he would request an extension of that deadline as well as an extension of a moratorium that expires in February and currently protects Puerto Rico from lawsuits filed by angered creditors.